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For Mompreneurs, Failure is not an Option

"Mama, we have a problem."

It is a play on the famous "Houston, we have a problem," referring to the 1970 flight of Apollo 13. Approximately 56 hours into the mission, an oxygen tank exploded, knocking the power of the order of modules, lighting and water supply. Astronaut James Lovell to mission control about the problem, adding that the oxygen away from the spacecraft. The mission of the sudden change of landing on the moon to get the astronauts back alive. The crew and mission control gets very creative about doing what seemed impossible: to get home safely by men. Teamwork, creativity and determination throughout the trip. It is their commitment to success, the belief that failure is not an option, who guided the men safely home.

Why am I sharing this bit of history in reference to being a Mompreneur? Because when faced with obstacles, you need the same drive and determination to succeed.

When I started executing stroller, failure is not an option. This is my only chance to have my baby home instead of returning to traditional full-time job. I was determined to do whatever I need to do to succeed. I created the business plan, not for every investor, but for myself and my wife. I need to prove it can work. I have the attitude that no matter what obstacles get in the way I (and many of them do), I can find my way around it, over or under it. But I make it to the other side. I know it is very painful for me to be away from my baby for 10 hours a day, and I was extremely aware of the satisfaction I get from working from home and bring it to work with me .

Moms, get to know the business you experience challenges. Challenges are sometimes seem impossible to overcome. But which one will, one way. I love reading about other entrepreneurs who transformed failure into success.

Did you know that Mickey Mouse was made only after Walt Disney lost the rights of pride and joy character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit? Remember, Disney said, "If you can dream it, you can do it."

Did you know that the light bulb Thomas Edison fail a few times before he got 2000 to work? When asked how many times he fails, he replied, "I was disappointed I just found another way not to invent the light bulb."

Did you know that Mary Kay Ash was told by her consulting business model does not work and that he has to close before he broke? His quote: "Every failure, obstacle or hardship an opportunity in disguise Success in many cases is the failure of the reverse .."

It took inspiration from some of mompreneurs now?

Royn Pellei of

Vive Vita

think he got his big break when a big company is interested in any baby products. The company decided quickly the product is not acceptable. Pellei back to the drawing board, creating better products and to close the deal. He says he does not forget that initial impulse to refuse to fail. Pellei is the proud recipient of the award Business Baby Shower.

Joann Wooley,


founder, says the biggest obstacle is balancing the mother with a weak economy. Reorganization to adjust to the needs of the business does not fit with his goals for the mother. He stayed true to its mission to be a mother first and foremost, and a loyal customer following and fill in the new class.

Elke Govertsen can not get financing for


business because her husband took the first loan. He did not let a little thing like money hold her back! Rather than produce a prototype for printed magazine, he created a media kit and start selling something that does not exist. It worked! Sales increased 800 percent in the past two months, from $ 350 to $ 2800 per month for the website only. Print sales also growing. Govertsen said, "still seems the sales ads is a great vehicle for growth if your readers are business market wants."

Tobi Kosanke of

Crazy K Farm

not set to become an entrepreneur. A scientist by trade, he is the great example of the saying "necessity is the mother of invention." He wants his career as a geologist, but his employer did not support when he needs to take care of a special needs daughter. He was forced to make a decision between her job or her schedule flexible. He created the family farm business, which allows her to stay home and care for their families. With the success of his business, Kosanke proud to give back to the community and donate a portion of profits to charity.

Just think about the possibilities if you take every challenge as an opportunity though. When you are faced with obstacles in life or in business, changes in pressure in creativity. Solutions are rarely clear. Just have faith that a solution. Or failing that can lead to something better. To achieve the highest level of success, step.

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Meredith, publishing Internet Companies That Beat

On the eve of Valentine's Day, dating shocking news rocked the magazine industry. Meredith (MDP), Iowa-based publisher mum optimistic women's service magazine (including Better Homes and Gardens, Ladies Home Journal ', and Traditional Home), is on the verge of getting in (TWX) Time Warner glossies most vociferous (including people, Entertainment Weekly, and InStyle). It seems like an odd couple that could be a victory for Meredith. To begin with, there is a difference in size. Meredith, with 3,300 employees and $ 1.4 billion in annual revenue, has replaced most of the division with about 8,000 employees and $ 3,4 billion in revenue. Like Time Warner, Meredith, with a market capitalization of $ 1.67 billion, were traded. Union workers will suddenly make Meredith the largest magazine publisher in the country. But hard to imagine a couple with different tastes like. If successful the merger, the owner of Better Homes and Gardens is published, among others, a young British magazine called Nuts. And every fall, the company behind the Ladies' Home Journal Sexiest Man Man coronation. Before the world got to see what the offspring of Meredith and Time would look like, the romance cooled. On the night of March 6, Time Warner announced to go solo for a while and spin-off a company magazine, new public. Meredith Chief Executive Officer Stephen Lacy quickly released a statement indicating there are no hard feelings and left the door open for further conversation. "There is a natural synergy between the two portfolios," Lacy said in a release. "However, we respect the decision of Time Warner and will remain open to continue the dialogue about how our companies can work together on future opportunities."

VIDEO: Time Warner Business Exit Magazine

Deal suggested that even shows how much publishing has changed. With the advent of the Internet, the main source of advertising revenue and circulation are eroded, while the cost of the magazine printing ink, paper, and increasing distribution. In the 20th century, publishers of all shapes and sizes seem Henry Luce of Time Inc.. For ideas on how to earn the magazine. But in the months and years to come, they are more likely to look at Meredith to learn how to live. Meredith main advantages of this approach. They are experts at repurposing their content on multiple platforms (magazines, books, websites, mobile devices, tablet, etc..) And look more aggressive advertising and circulation for profit. Print, they can stay away from the news. They were very successful licensed the name of their magazine titles' for the big national business selling branded products, they also run their own marketing agency. Meredith has not been immune to the forces battering the industry. But in the last decade, the strategic adjustment of their portfolio, they managed to maintain a stable and reliable income year after year despite the turmoil the margin. (Lacy denied comment.) Figure aggregated by Bloomberg Businessweek from different PublicationsIn Meredith February, Meredith has published an editorial signed by the product of "Bookazine" called Chicken dinner. It is flush with advertising, co-branded under the Better Homes and Gardens willingness, and sold no expiration date. In theory, it can live in stalls or coffee table or kitchen table for months. "Chicken Dinner Chicken dinner if you bought it in May, June, or July," said Samir Husni, director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi.

VIDEO: Will Be Magazine Print in Five Years?

Some 88 years after Harold Ross launches The New Yorker with a pitch that it "was not edited for the old lady in Dubuque," turned on the Iowa surprise the seat of power. "Time is quite powerful to be the news in a way of entertainment," says Isaiah Wilner, author of The Man Time Forgot: A Story of Genius, Betrayal, and the Creation of Time Magazine. "Now we can get the style and attitude and personality on the Internet for free. The meat and potatoes old magazine may have a better chance to survive today because they provide something that people will still be needed. It ... revenge of the old lady from Dubuque-only him from Des Moines' headquarters Meredith. Is manicured campus in downtown Des Moines. Facilities include approximately 5,000 square feet luxury test kitchen where staff test and retest every recipe that goes in the company magazine. According to the Des Moines Register, the kitchen was remodeled in 2005 at a cost of $ 3 million and featuring bamboo flooring, marble countertop, cabinet and remote control. Meredith also maintained garden complex trials. The red 24-foot-tall, ornamental horticulture shovel by Claes Oldenburg and artist standing outside the van Brüggen Coosje. Although the company has maintained a large presence in New York, the majority of the workforce in Iowa.

Story: Time Warner Digital Media Progress

Working away from Manhattan magazine provides more than just a different perspective. Also cheap. Readymade magazine edited Andrew Meredith Wagner, on the subject of DIY culture and design, from 2009 until 2011, when the company closed due to falling circulation growth. He said that according to the editorial is essential. "There are many styles of Meredith," said Wagner. "Especially for the title of the house. They are a fascinating picture of the studio. ... Really amazing. But they use the same photographer to light things the same way. Everything Meredith is not directed towards standardization and affordability "to generate ideas, pictures, articles, and tips on living., Meredith has cultivated a list known as a contributor to the far-flung editors contributions from the field or area. Masthead for the March 2013 issue of Better Homes and Gardens list of 36 contributors to the region in areas such as Galveston, Tex.., And Raleigh, NC "We have this content pipeline," said Karol DeWulf Nickell, who served as chief editor of Better Home and Parks from 2001 to 2006. "We had never been on-staff photographer, that's really important for the fee structure overhead. This model is different from the high-end photo shoot of some of our competitors. '

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Meredith devotion to the service of journalism is built on the roots. Edwin Thomas Meredith, who founded the company in 1902, could start a successful farm, which still publishes Meredith. In 1922, Meredith launched to Fruit, Garden and Home, the title of services aimed at middle-class family, who later became Better Homes and Gardens. Along the way, Meredith came to the editorial guidance law is still followed today: "no fiction, no fashion, no nonsense, no passion." Meredith always stay away from the news and time sensitive stories. In recent years it has developed and get a site designed to appeal to a mass audience with a service-oriented women, evergreen content. In 2012 it was purchased, which paidContent described as the "largest food site in the world," from Reader Digest Association for $ 175 million. In a call with analysts in January, said Lacy digital advertising revenue rose 110 percent during the first half of fiscal 2013. Company's growing digital audience, he said, that make e-commerce opportunities, mainly produces commands to subscribe magazines.Instead news, editorial Meredith has focused on product known as special-interest publishers, or SIP (which is sometimes called bookazines, magalogues, or magabooks). Has a cover that looks like a magazine, crammed full of ads, and sold at newsstands each SIP. Currently, Meredith publishes nearly 100 titles SIP, including decking ($ 12.99), American Patchwork & Quilting ($ 5.99), and chicken dinner ($ 9.99). The SIP allows the Meredith content that appears on one of the magazine and reuse. Meanwhile, Meredith magazine printed on a regular schedule and have a limited life kiosks, SIP is printed on demand and sold for the month. Because it is paid, SIP can be very profitable. (Meredith does not come out of his earnings for SIP.)

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Lacy, who led the company since 2006, told analysts in January that during the housing boom Meredith publishes titles like Good Kitchen & Bath up to six times a year. When a market falls, Meredith down. "But it's still the most profitable things we do," said Lacy. "If you're going to blow the back of your house and drop $ 150,000 in the kitchen, it is not the same investment as a dress or a pair of shoes. We are always thinking about business SIP as the accordion, we can improve things like crazy "Advertising remains the lifeblood of the company ... In 2012 advertising sales account for $ 769.8 million of the $ 1.37 billion in revenue Meredith. Of that amount, 64 percent comes from the publishing division of the company. The rest comes from advertising sales at 13 Meredith local TV stations. In 2012, Meredith sold some 9,417 pages of magazine ads, according to data from Kantar Media (WPPGY) provided by Publishers Information Bureau. Better Homes and Gardens 1365 led advertising page. Meredith told advertisers that the company has developed a unique machine to tell the story of the brand for 100 million American women, gathered in different titles, each one comes in about the same topics as health, shelter , food, and the parents are little different angle. Ad buyers know exactly what they are getting. "It is actually very simple when you look at the existing publishers to see how they designed their portfolio," said Audrey Siegel, president of media agency TargetCast TCM.

Stories: Digital Media Dreams, oily Profit

Meredith will not rest until every corner of the house brand: from the magazine mail slot bathroom accessories and furniture in the back lawn. Wal-Mart Stores (WMT) is now selling more than 3000 Better Homes and Gardens products, including Rug bath, lotion pumps, and fire pits. Selling FTD (UNTD) Better Homes and Gardens line of bouquets. Meredith magazine titles for publisher licensing partners abroad. Living with diabetes now published in Italy, Greece, and Russia. Since 2008, Realogy, the parent company of Century 21, who sold homes nationwide by Better Homes and Gardens line of residential real estate office. Figure aggregated by Bloomberg Businessweek from different PublicationsWhen Meredith Wagner joined Meredith in 2009 as editor of the Readymade, he found a hospitable culture, discipline, and relentless. Tight budget. Wagner remembered every day the company hanging of signs announcing the closing price of Meredith. "It's not about, 'See fascinating piece of content we do and let us get inspired,'" Wagner said. "It was like, 'Look at the stock price!" You know what they are working. "In 2011, Meredith closed the Readymade, and Wagner now works in marketing for various companies. Meredith believes she is well positioned on top of current industry changes. "These are the ones who lead the way in the breakdown between content and marketing," said Wagner. Meredith is so good at self-assembled entity marketing business-to-business, she called Meredith Marketing Xcelerated, or MXM. This group works directly for the brand (current client Kraft (KRFT), Chrysler, and Lowe (low)) selling marketing services for designing print ads, build customized mobile applications, Web shoot-sponsored video series, and using word of mouth campaigns on sites such as Facebook and YouTube. According to press materials Meredith, MXM has over 700 employees and 150 clients. Currently generates $ 150 million in revenue up from $ 75 million in 2005. Meredith also courting two segments of the advertising expenditure does not show signs of vulnerability Web-video and cable TV last bulking up Meredith Video Studios, a production unit for the advertiser-friendly show filled with product integration . Among other things, the MVS when creating women-friendly Web-video series paid for by brands such as Kmart (shld) and Home Depot (HD). There is also a TV talk show called Show more efficient, the interesting part of Meredith magazines and broadcast at least 160 markets, including the Meredith-owned stations such KSMO in Kansas City, Kansas On March 4, Meredith announced a deal to syndicate Show better emblem Channel, with 87 million U.S. cable subscribers. On the same day, Lacy appeared in the conference in Palm Beach, Florida, said that business and marketing agent Meredith has never looked stronger. He noted that in 2013, Meredith has been expanding the brand licensing program in real estate and retail. On the side of publishing, Lacy is interested in expanding its offering of tablet because the margin is much better. At present, he said, Meredith spends $ 300 million a year in paper, printing catalog, and. Which is not to say Meredith fell in print. In Palm Beach, Lacy suggests that the interest in the company at that time only the beginning, and that many covet Meredith implicit that the company could do a better job than the current owners in managing distressed assets "based on magazine brands.". "We were fortunate last year to unload both Allrecipes and [Every Day] Rachael Ray Reader's Digest before filing for bankruptcy mercy on them, and then do the second EatingWell and FamilyFun," said Lacy. "We thought we were pretty good operator." In other words, they know how to change a budget.

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Strange Alliance Between Big Business and Labor on Immigration Reform

(An earlier version of this story ran online.) Last time Congress takes up immigration reform in 2007, efforts collapsed in part because of the nation's largest labor unions and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce at odds over a given visa foreign workers to fill low-skilled jobs. Room to throw open the doors for visitors workers to help businesses meet the demands but said the workers returned home expire when their visas. Unions want to keep visa low as to prevent foreigners from displacing U.S. workers. Leaders in both parties "going around Congress tried to stab others in the back," said Demetrios Papademetriou, president of the Migration Policy Institute, a nonpartisan immigration think tank.So Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue and AFL -CIO President Richard Trumka observers were stunned when they send the "Combined Joint Statement of Principles" on February 21, stating they overcome their many differences. "We have found common ground in some important areas, and are committed to continuing to work together and with Members of Congress to enact legislation to solve our problems today are lasting," they wrote.With White House and Congress will bring major immigration reform legislation this year, support for labor and business are aware that they are at risk of abandonment if they get past their old grievance. The labor movement has come to see foreign workers as a potential candidate to improve the ranking of the company decreased 14.4 million, union membership nationwide is the lowest since the government began counting in 1983. Legal foreign workers better wages debilitating undocumented workers union. Rooms are now saying it is supported by a green card for a foreign worker if it means business is to hire more freely from abroad without running government restrictions. In the weeks after the election, President Obama makes immigration a priority. Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer of New York and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who worked for years trying to win support for the immigration bill, Donohue and Trumka called the Capitol. They urged the two to work out a compromise. "They asked us to start talking, and we did," said Ana Avendaño, Trumka top immigration advisers. Smoking denied comment. AFL-CIO and the business community said they want U.S. workers to get "first crack" at low wage jobs available, the statement said. Under the guest-worker program at this time, employers who want to shoot in one of the 66,000 annual visas for low-skilled foreigners have to show the federal government that they first make a good-faith effort to find a qualified U.S. applicants. A decade that the U.S. Department of Labor rules requiring them to place two ads in the local paper. But they do not need to send a position online, although many job seekers are now seen there. Space has agreed to do more to help the company promote openings for U.S. workers, although the statement did not mention details.Both called on the government to create a new category for immigration guest workers. Those who enter the country on a "dual intent" visa is allowed to switch jobs easier immigration status is not tied to the employer who brought them to the U.S. and some will be eligible to apply for a green card. They also want the government to fix the number of visas made available to the needs of the market.The agreement between the offender and the union did not suggest how Washington will make it happen. Conflicts details bog down the immigration bill, which the Senate is expected to take in the summer. But look at the two ancient rivals holding hands showing personal interests may trump tough, Papademetriou said. Neither Side "strong enough to end run around one." Bottom line: An agreement between the union and business lobby calls for extending visas for foreign workers and allow several paths to citizenship.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Why Is Egypt floods Gaza Tunnels

Egyptian security forces flooded the smuggling tunnels running between Egypt and the Gaza Strip this weekend, as Egypt seems to continue its commitment to restore order to the attacking Sinai Peninsula and simmer the flow of smuggled into the Hamas-controlled Gaza. hundreds of snakes underground passageways beneath the Egyptian-Gaza border, provides a way to maneuver around the Israeli economic blockade LED 2007 that came into force after the Islamic militant group controls the Gaza Strip. Tunnel that carries everything from food and medicine to the cement and steel, which provides up to 75 percent of the stock of goods racks Gaza, according to an analyst in Gaza City. Vents also facilitate the flow of weapons and fighters inside and outside the region. This poses a problem for Egypt, which is involved in the domestic industry instability.Though tunnel has contracted since Israel began allowing more goods through the crossing in 2010, the Gazans say they still need to complete the halls of what Israel permission to cross, create a tunnel necessary for the survival of the population of 1.6 million.Despite hope that Egypt was sympathetic to Gaza after Mohammed Mursi Muslim candidates won brotherhood presidential elections in the country for free and fair in June, Mursi blockade has not subsided. Instead, after unknown militants launched an attack on the Egyptian military post that killed 16 soldiers in August, he appeared on television and vowed: "The security forces will exercise total control over all the territory Sinai, and make sure that they control. Those behind the attacks pay high prices, as well as those who cooperated with the attackers, either to them or anywhere in Egypt "Egypt in the Sinai Peninsula, especially the poorer north., Was seen as becomes distorted since the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak last two years. Security forces captured the Sinai region and not brought back under control. After the August attack, Egypt, said the militants from Gaza, so they filled the tunnels dozens passageways.Flooding Egypt method chosen to closely watch the trade, to rely on rough board line corridor dug through the sand. Israel is relying on an already-bombing tactics used in recent wars, in November 2012, and in 2008 the operation Cast to Lead.In 2009, under the rule of Mubarak, Egypt began building an underground barrier to prevent 100-foot-tunneling in the metal wall is not very popular, promote the country's image Mubarak as an instrument of foreign policy of the United States and Israel. Wall failed to cut the flow of goods and trade underground completed.Working not always gamble, even without the efforts of Egypt or Israel to prevent it. Damage from collapsing tunnels and electrical fires in the hallway survive, even as Hamas began to set the Shaaer trade.Emad, owner of the tunnels in Gaza, recently told Bloomberg Businessweek that the owner is obliged to compensate the halls of their injured workers. Shaaer said he paid $ 7,000 for a hospital worker injured by a generator and $ 10,000 to the families of two people died working in the tunnel. Winter storms in January a fierce toll on the industry, some of the flooded tunnel collapsed and at least six killed, according to a non-governmental organization that is quoted in the Reuters report. Tunnel workers say they understand the risks but continued to ply the route because the salary is good, compared to what's available in poor enclave.Egypt movement as Hamas met in Cairo with Fatah, the more moderate Palestinian factions to discuss Reunification. Media reports indicate the two sides remain at odds over the creation of a Palestinian unity government.

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Why I can ditch the iPhone for Android

If you do not want personal stories about infidelity, please read it again. After falling in love with my iPhone for a few years now, my attention will be taken to another place and I'm not fighting it. I have an iPhone fan since the first time I got my hands on one: it instantly makes my BlackBerry (RIMM) feel like an ugly brick designed by orangutans. What I want to do this forever long, and it was almost exactly what I've done since I first got one-up, which, I switched to an Android phone over the holidays.I will not decide to try the Android phone because I was not happy with Apple (AAPL) or iPhone. I still think the iPhone is one of the, best designed products most interesting that I used to. I have a MacBook Air and iPad that I love well-equipped, and I recommend them whenever I get the chance. But I admit that I am envious of the Android phones for a while after seeing my friends as my colleague Kevin Tofel at GigaOM use them and then borrow one last fall on a trip to Amsterdam for our Structure: European conference.Part what I attracted a larger screen on the Nexus and other phones. I want to read Web pages and documents and view pictures on my phone, so the screen real estate more attractive. But I'm also interested in open Android ecosystem, and wondered if it would be a benefit, compared to Apple's walled garden walks for iOS.There no question that the Apple beautiful garden, wall garden going. It is very well maintained: rude or annoying apps that keep coming out and everyone checked to make sure it works well, which is a big advantage. In other words, the bar is hard to see behind all the beautiful flowers. But in some cases, useful items stored as well as content, applications, or methods of integration with other networks and services can not meet Apple's standards (or who do not want to pay Apple for the privilege). Here is an anecdote that sums up the difference between the two platforms for me: When I take a picture with Android phones (Motorola (GOOG) Razr HD), it suddenly occurred to me that maybe I could do this beam My TV somehow. I have a media hub of Western Digital (WDC) with all my pictures here, usually have to copy photos from iPhone to computer with iTunes and then share it with WD hub. I thought maybe I could block it from Android because the hub is a device DLNA (DLNA kind of open standard version of Apple Airplay for wireless networks). Within five minutes, I downloaded an app to post my picture on the WD hub, and we are looking for it on TV. I do the same thing with YouTube video.Another bulb moment happened when I went to share Web pages from Motorola. When you do this on the iPhone, you can choose between Twitter, Facebook (FB), e-mail, and print, but on Android, share your menu is longer than the screen. You can share just about anything with just about anything, whether it be a Web service or an application. For me, it's sort of metaphorical two platforms.It's probably possible to file your pictures on your television with your iPhone or iPad, but to do that you will need Apple TV and AirPlay and committed other part of the Apple ecosystem (such as iTunes, which I I always hated to admit using). If you have a motley crew of non-Apple tech way Western Digital My hubs and I run Ubuntu desktop-like second class citizens in some way because Apple often does not play well with others. For a while, I see something that I've seen others, like Liz Gannes says All Things Digital: I'm slowly replacing many services from Apple and Google's default apps such as Maps and Mail, or made by someone else. IPhone hardware itself still appeal because it is so well made and nice to hold. But for the service, Apple has never really been the best, and you can see that things like the things about iPhone iCloud.I Nona. As Ralf Rottmann, who wrote a great post about making a similar move, iMessage because I lost a lot of friends and family has an iPhone. I also lost Photostream, which is a great way to have images automatically show I took my iPad and MacBook Air. But I mostly copied by using the auto-upload to Google and Facebook, as well as open-source image hosting service called Openphoto using Amazon (AMZN) S3 hosting.When I tried to describe the difference between the two platforms to my friends, I would like this: In iOS, if you want to do something, there may be one or two applications that will let you, and they work pretty well but if you want those features, you do not have luck. In Android, if you want to do something on the phone, with 15 or 20 apps to help you, and many are free, most do not do everything you want and some really work the way you want them to For me it boils down to this: Apple has a great design, but it limits your options in all sorts of ways. I see more and more closely bar, despite all the beautiful flowers. But Android offers a kind of "tyranny of choice." In the end, I think the choice and greater transparency, though it looks less attractive at first glance. That is why I am thinking of moving permanently. I'm sorry, Steve.Also from GigaOM: Mobile Fourth-Quarter 2012 Review (subscription required) Why Big Data Will Even Bigger Losses in 2013Apple Retail Exec: It's getting Explanation Close SVP New Really Tiny How Facebook Search Charts? Works'Advanced 'Energy Is Over-Trillion-Dollar Market and really grew in 2012

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End-One Child Policy China

Molly Zhang, a 31-year-old account manager in the lighting industry, only? Having a second son. Now he must pay the fine is likely to total 30,000 yuan ($ 4.760), almost equal to his annual salary, for violating the one-child policy of China. "Even for those white-collar workers on average in Dongguan, is a lot of money. But I do not want to have an only child, "says Zhang, adding that fines need to get his household registration documents, without education and work impossible.Last publication in 2010 China census , which revealed more perceived decline in childbirth than previously thought, galvanized 20 or more top China demographics, sociologists, and economists advocating ending the one-child policy. "It is time to think about removing the policy decided 30 years ago, China situation has changed so much," said Gu Baochang, demographer at Renmin University of China in Beijing and one of the informal leaders team, which has twice petitioned the supreme leader of China urging them to reform or end the latest salvo policy.The April 16 publication of a book by James Liang, chairman of online tourism company (CTRP), China version of Expedia (expe). Title: Too many people in China? Three publishers refused to print the book, citing the sensitivity of the subject, said Liang. His thesis is that the demographic changes brought about by the one-child policy is challenging objective Beijing moves from the factory to the world to become a more innovative economy. A rapidly aging workforce will stifle creativity within the company, argued Liang, who saw the experience of companies in over 60 countries for the book and received his doctorate in economics at Stanford University. "In almost all countries, developed and developing, to see that the older age of the labor force, the lower the overall Entrepreneurship," said Liang, citing Japan as a classic example.Since was put in place in 1979, one of China's children have a strong rule of official support. National Population and Family Planning Commission, which serves about half a million people, said the effort has avoided a population surge that China will add 400 million to 1,34 billion population and straining scarce resources in the country. The claim is largely supported by leaders of China, which recently confirmed on April 10 their intention to keep a low birth rate. "The mindset of many Chinese policy makers, including a large part of society, yet again it was 30-40 years ago," said Wang Feng, a senior fellow and director of the Brookings-Tsinghua Center for Public Policy at Tsinghua University in Beijing. "Chinese belief to have many children, and if the government made it extraordinary deal, China was destroyed by the explosion." It's thoughts after the date during Chinese Cultural Revolution ended in 1976 , when the economy is experiencing a huge shortage and rationing public. Demographic results of the one-child policy is dramatic. In 1966, the average Chinese family with six children. The birth rate has fallen to 1.5 children today, which means that the possibility of China's population will peak at 1.4 billion people by 2030. Few in the U.S. average about two children.To date, China is enjoying what economists call a "demographic dividend," with a growing labor force contributes about 0.9 percent of annual economic growth, according the World Bank estimates. Dividend will be lost when the peak of the working age population to 1 billion, and then begin to shrink, in 2013. While China currently has about 120 million people aged 20-24, which is expected to drop more than 20 percent in the next decade, according to the UN Department of Economic and Social shortages Affairs.Labor appeared earliest in the Pearl River Delta, in large part due to factory export factories rely on workers under the age of 25. In the coming years the labor force will grow older. "Problem implements the older workers, who have mushroomed in size, and yet have much less human capital [such as higher education and good health in general] to offer an employer," : Judith says sill, a leading Chinese demographer former director of global economic demographics tagapagpananaliksik Conference Board. While the U.S. and Europe took about 100 years to become an aging society, China has taken less than 40 years. "For the first time we see the country is not getting old before they become rich," said Philip O'Keefe, coordinator of the sector of human development at the World Bank in Beijing.So now, Chinese officials taken only small steps to ease policy. Chinese ethnic minorities that have long been allowed to have many children. The first peasant girls are allowed to have a second baby. And now most provinces allows the couple themselves from single-child families to have a second child. However, about two-thirds of the Chinese fall under the restrictions, estimated Renmin University Gu. Demographic sill says: "You try to go to a children's plan, and suddenly the strength to come and fine you or put so much pressure on you to have an abortion." Planning commission has decided to discontinue the use of the slogans of the most threatened purpose to scare the people into compliance. Other People's Daily reported in February that China was not broadcast vowed that "we would rather scrape your uterus rather than allow you to have a second child?" But it replace the soft messages, including, "The parents of a child's family will get benefits after age 60 years" Right now!, demographics such as Gu and Wang admitted that China will never reverse the trend of aging. That is because the decline in fertility is now also due to reduced fertility is often seen their country become better and better studied. However, they argue that maintaining the one-child policy only exacerbated the problem. "There was a serious under-estimation of changes, deep tectonic China population is now happening," says Wang. "China is in demographic decline. And instead of the brake, the current government continues to step on the gas pedal "Bottom line:. As China top working age population, the plan is to switch from regular work in a factory for innovation is threatened by the aging workforce.