Wednesday, February 26, 2014

6 Secrets of Success in Business (Plus 1!)

Have you noticed that no one is talking much about it perfectionism? Business coaching client of mine used to tell me they are forced to do everything perfectly is getting in the way of their success. But today, with the pace of life, the constant flow of information, and increased workload on the table at all, we struggle for perfection seems to be mostly gone. This does not mean that people who feel guilty or make excuses about not being perfect. It's just gone from conversation.As famous Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said: "Done is better than perfect." So if you do not we chase perfection, what should we stand in his place? Here are six alternative ideals of my clients are now turning to their attention. You can, too.Persistence. Successful people do not get like that overnight. Instead, they made a plan and continue to chip away at it. Break their goals yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily actions. 

Although activity every day is not completed, the people back in the saddle the next day, ready to keep moving forward.What you do to keep your patience? Pacing. Sam, a hard-charging manager in a small company in New Hampshire, plans to retire in five years. But when he met with a financial planner, he found he would have to work more than eight years to fulfill its purpose. Sam realizes there is no way that he wanted the last eight years with a very high speed. Today we will discuss how it can regulate work habits so that he could continue his work scrumptious and healthy. Making double-checks: your speed to match your goals possibility '. We are all creatures of habit. We ate breakfast together, take the same route to work, do the same thing day after day. Now, make a point to try something new and different. What is your energy? What do you think new thoughts? Coffee? Puzzle? Collaborate with your colleagues? Where in your life that you take the time to think about what it might be? Play. Successful people take a break during their day. Even if it's just for a short stretch or walk, they stopped working for a few minutes and move their bodies. Increase circulation in your body means better blood flow to your brain, which makes the mind clear. If you tend to sit glued to your desk for hours at a time, think about how you can build to play with your day.

Power. We all certainly more adept at certain activities than others. Are you a born communicator? Number of smart? As much as possible, do the kind of work that plays to your strengths. Although no one can (or should) choose to only do what is easy, you will achieve more and go farther whether to pursue the things that you at.Positivity well. You know the old saying: You ride more flies with honey than with vinegar. People are attracted to positive people. Place a mirror on your desk so that when you pick up the phone, you will be reminded to smile. It sounds cliche, but the attitude will actually translate more phone.Need another purpose to replace perfectionism? How about happiness? Think about what part of your job, you really visitors, and try to spend a lot of time doing it. When you work in line with the interests and values, there you feel good. And there is no better definition than actually successful love what you do.